Double Locking Cable Tie

   Raw material: NYLON 6.6 (UL94 V-2)
        Working Temperature: -40 ° C to +85 ° C
        Resistant to petroleum products, organic acids and greases.
        It has been manufactured in accordance with the RoHS Directive.
        Double locking cable tie, separating two parallel cables
       and makes it possible to make it different. This need
       No additional cable ties are required for installation.

        Thanks to the double locking system on the head, with a cable tie
       It is possible to tie double knots to be made form.
       Flexible structure, the desired part of the binding diameters of these knots
       It allows to be adjusted in size.

        Position the cable is also helpful. The first of the nodes
       While it is used to tighten the cable, the di cable is
       etc. constants.

        Color: Natural

Catalog Number Width (mm) Length (mm) Max. Bundle   Dia (mm) Min. Tensile Strenght (kg) Pack Contains Each Box Contains Each
CB.48.165 4.8 165 35 25 100 20000

Double Locking Cable Tie
Double Locking Cable Tie