Identification and Flag Zip Tie

         Raw material: NYLON 6.6 (UL94 V-2)
        Working Temperature: -40 ° C to +85 ° C
        Resistant to petroleum products, organic acids and greases.
        It is manufactured in accordance with the RoHS Directive and does not contain halogen.

        From the knobs on the top, the twist is locked and opened, can be used repeatedly.
        Used in temporary grouping of cube bundles.
        It is also preferred in permanent groupings as it allows the addition of assembly connections.
        Color: Natural, other colors can be produced upon request.

Catalog Number Width (mm) Length (mm) Max. Bundle   Dia (mm) Min. Tensile Strenght (kg) Pack Contains Each Box Contains Each
EF.03.803 6 235 63 45 250 7500
EF.01.801 7 365 105 50 250 6000

Identification and Flag Zip Tie
Identification and Flag Zip Tie