Plastic Cover and Washer

       ¤ Raw material: PE (Cover), NYLON 6.6 (Flake)
       ¤ It is manufactured in accordance with the RoHS Directive.

       ¤ It is used to protect the screw and bolt head both for aesthetic reasons and from external factors,
            is decorative.
       ¤ EK.40.1040 model is used alone, while EK.41.1041 model is used with a stamp.
       ¤ When using cap and washer together: Washer and screw are mounted after M4 hole is drilled. Cover washer
            The screw head is closed by pressing it to fit the tabs on the edges.
       ¤ It is mostly preferred in vehicle upholstery and various furniture applications.
       ¤ Color: White, black, gray and chromed (Cover), natural (Flake).

Catalog Number Height (mm) a (mm) b (mm) c (mm) Pack Contains Each
EK.41.1041 5.6 ∅ 14 ∅ 11.5 - 500
EK.42.1042 3.2 ∅ 12 ∅ 9.5 ∅ 5.2 500

Plastic Cover and Washer
Plastic Cover and Washer
Plastic Cover and Washer dwg