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US Army Corps of Engineers Projects
·        W5J9LE‐12‐B‐0009 Joint Regional Afghan National Police Center (JRAC)  Infrastructure and Facility Enhancements Kandahar, Kandahar Province, Afghanistan
·        W5J9LE- ANA11-008a Afghanistan National Army Brigade Garrison, Kandaks East – Camp Hero, Kandahar Province, Afghanistan
·        W912ER-10-R-0004 Y--Construction of APS (Army Pre-positioned Stocks) Compound, Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan
·        Afghanistan National Police UP District 9 Headquarters Building, Kabul, Afghanistan
·        Public Works Utilities, Package 2, FY07 MILCON, Bagram Airbase, Afghanistan
·        PN74157-CLN09 FY11 Barracks, Bagram Airbase, Afghanistan
·        Lakeshore Rigging Facility, Bagram Airbase, Afghanistan
·        W5J9LE - ANA07-001 Afghanistan National Army (ANA) 3/205th Brigade Facilities For The Afghanistan National Army (ANA) At FOB Pasab, Kandahar Province.
·        Coalition Operations Center, Bagram Airbase, Afghanistan
·        W912ER-09-R-0002 Shank Runway, Airlift Apron, and Rotary Wing Parking & Taxiways Shank, Afghanistan
·        Bagram Troop Housing, Phases 1 through 7, Bagram Airbase, Afghanistan
·        W912BU-12-C-0005 Theatre Support Facility, Bagram Airbase, Afghanistan
US Embassy Projects
·        OBO SAQMMA: 09-C-0317 US Embassy, New office Annex and Housing for Kabul, Afghanistan
·        OBO SAQMMA-09-C-031 US Embassy Sana Yemen Annex, Housing & Renovation
·        OBO SAQMMA-12-R-0117 New Annex Office Building at U.S. Embassy in Moscow, Russia
·        US Embassy in Sierra Leone, Freetown, Sierra Leone
·        US Embassy in Djibouti, Djibouti
·        Renovate DMI Compound in the US Embassy in Bamako, Mali
·        Maintenance, Repair & Operation Supplies to US Consulate in Istanbul & US Embassy in Ankara
NATO Projects
·        The NATO Maintenance and Supply Agency (NAMSA) Hospital Maintenance and Cleaning Service Works
·        Erhac Base Maintenance Works, Erhaç, Malatya
Various International Projects
·        400MW Combined Cycle Power Station, Tynagh, Co. Galway, Ireland
·        OGK-4-400 MWe CCGT Yajva State District Power Plant, Yajva, Russia
·        Moscow City, Moscow, Russia
·        Biological Threat Lab, Tiblisi, Georgia
·        Dushanbe Serena HOTEL, Dushanbe,Tajikistan
·        Kashagan Development Experimental Program, Kashagan, Kazakhstan
·        RIGA TPP-2 Reconstruction Project Second Unit, Riga, Latvia
·        Baku Airport, Cargo Terminal, Baku, Azerbaijan
·        Sahdag Palace Hotel, baku, Azerbaijan
·        Samra Thermal Power Plant, Combined Cycle Plant, Zarqa, Jordan
·        Q35000XL, DAP Plants 107 B & C, El Jadida, Morocco
·        Desalination Plants, Derna/Soussa/Zawia, Libya
·        Al Fateh University, Libya
·        Sather Airbase Rennovation, Sather, Iraq
·        Al Musaib Power Plant, Al Assad - Iraq
·        AL-DORA  Refinery Improvement Works, Baghdad, Iraq.