Cable Tie Tray Mount

¤ Raw material: NYLON 6.6 (UL 94 V-2)
¤ Working Temperature: -40 ° C to +85 ° C
¤ Resistant to petroleum products, organic acids and greases.
¤ It has been manufactured in accordance with the RoHS Directive.

¤ Used for fixing cables, cable bundles and hoses with screws.
¤ The inner edges of the clip are rounded outside the cables and hoses.

¤ Color: Natural and black

Catalog Number a (mm) b (mm) Hole Dia.(mm) Max.Cable Tie Width (mm) Pack Contains Each Box Contains Each
EK.11.1011 10 47.5 ∅ 6 - 250 25000

Cable Tie Tray Moun
Cable Tie Tray Mount