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LN Series: Wellglass Luminaires – Zone 2 and 22 Ürün Açıklaması

Zone 2 and 22.
 LN Series Luminaires provide an enclosed and gasketed wellglass design that’s ideal for severe weather conditions, corrosive environments, dirty and dusty locations, high ambient temperatures and Zone 2 and 22 hazardous environments.
Zone 2 and 22
ex II 3 GD
• Enclosed and gasketed fixtures suitable for use in:
— Marine and wet locations
— Areas where fl ammable gases, vapors or combustible dusts are present under conditions defi ned by the IEC as Zone 2 and 22
— Applications where energy effi cient, high lumen output is required
— Non-hazardous locations where severe weather conditions, excessive moisture, dirt, dust, corrosive atmosphere or high ambient temperatures are encountered
• Typical applications include:
— Pulp and paper mills
— Processing plants
— Chemical plants
— Oil refi neries
— Foundries
— Manufacturing plants
— Storage areas
— Waste and sew age treat ment
— Other areas where dust, water, dirt and rough usage are a problem
• Power supply 230/240 V (+6% – 10%) 50 Hz.
• Instant relighting with auxiliary halogen lamps, depending on model (lamps not supplied).
• Fast relighting for 70 W and 150 W high pressure sodium: 5 to 30 seconds depending on the duration of the mains power supply failure.
• Connection via terminal block — 2 x 4 mm2 (0.003 x 0.006 in2 ) maximum.
• Superior corrosion-resistance: copperfree die-cast mounting hoods, ballast housing and guards have a gray epoxy powder coat, electrostatically applied for complete and uniform protection.
• Wide choice of light sources: high pressure sodium, metal halide, mercury vapor and incandescent.
• Six mounting arrangements to suit any lighting layout – pendant, ceiling, wall bracket, angled or straight stanchion and pendant cone (for dust applications).
• Hinge has high lip for added safety during installation and servicing. Hinge and bolt construction assures 360° compression at all points on ballast housing gasket for positive sealing. Swing away design of captive bolt and nut simplifi es servicing.
• All fi xtures designed to perform in a -40 °C (-40 °F) ambient temperature up to +55 °C (+131 °F).
• Standard dome or 30° angle reflectors made of fi berglass reinforced white polyester. Highly resistant to corrosive atmospheres and vented to improve fixture cooling characteristics.
• Fixture housing mounting hoods and guards are die-cast copperfree aluminum with epoxy powder coat fi nish.
• All exposed hardware is stainless steel and captive. Stainless thread inserts in the ballast bodies prevent “freezing” of the screws that affi x guards and refl ectors, simplifying removal for service.
• One piece ballast housing for each component provides even heat dissipation for cooler operation and longer ballast life.
• Fixture bodies are provided with two silicone rubber O-Ring style gaskets that will stay flexible and assure even compression around their circumference. They easily withstand high temperatures, moisture, dirt and dust for worry free operation.
Standard Materials
• Mounting hoods and ballast bodies: die-cast copper-free (4/10 of 1% max.) aluminum
• Hardware and catch assemblies: stainless steel
• Globe: heat and impact resistant internally fluted glass
• Gasket: high temperature silicon
• Reflector: fiberglass reinforced polyester
• Guards: polyester powder coat finished cast copper-free aluminum (LN1 and LN2 sizes) or stainless steel (LN3 and LN4 sizes)
Standard Finishes
• Mounting hoods, ballast bodies and guards: epoxy powder coat finish, electrostatically applied for complete, uniform surface protection
• Reflectors: white polyester finish

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